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Your independent Potterton Suprima repair specialist based near Hungerford, Berkshire

For more information or to book your Suprima service or breakdown repair, call or text me on 07866 766364 

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Potterton Suprima, common faults and fixes

First of all, if your Potterton Suprima has broken down, most faults are easily fixed. You can contact me directly for more information by calling or texting my mobile, 07866 766364. I’m happy to travel quite long distances to repair a Suprima, although I charge for my time spent travelling as well as time spent on site. 


I'm Mike Bryant, also known as Mike the Boilerman. I specialise in mending boilers. In particular I repair older boilers like the Suprima. You may have been told yours is obsolete, cannot be repaired and therefore must be replaced but this is not necessarily true. Most parts for the Suprima are freely available meaning most faults can still be repaired, often quickly and easily. 

‍ There are three versions of the Potterton Suprima and they all use the same basic cast iron heat exchanger.

1) The original Potterton Suprima: 

This is a neat, tidy and particularly small boiler thoughtfully designed by Potterton to be small enough to fit inside a standard kitchen wall cupboard, and this is what made the boiler a phenomenal sales success for Potterton, Most Suprimas I attend are fitted invisibly behind a kitchen cupboard door. They sold in HUGE quantities are still a very common boiler. The original Suprima was 'range rated' meaning the output could be adjusted by the installer to match the exact heat requirement of the house in which it was fitted. It has direct ignition which means the electronic spark lights the main burners directly instead of a pilot light first, simplifying operation and improving reliability as pilot light faults are a constant constant cause of breakdowns on other boiler designs. it has a fan-assisted flue which keeps the fuel efficiency high, it's simple and quick to service, and easy to fix if things go wrong.

2) The Potterton Suprima L: 

This boiler is indistinguishable in appearance from the original Potterton Suprima. The main difference is that is is no longer range rated and each size of boiler has a fixed output. In addition an extra size (the 120L) was added to the upper end of the range, making this physically tiny boiler suitable for larger houses too. Later versions have a water flow sensor fitted, to prevent the boiler from lighting if the circulating pump fails. 

3) The Potterton Suprima HE

This is the latest 'High Efficiency' version of the Potterton Suprima. It has a second heat exchanger called a 'recuperator' added on the right hand side of the boiler which extracts further heat from the flue gases by condensing the water vapour contained in them. A 'condensing boiler'. Efficiency is now almost 90% but the boiler is now physically larger, spoiling the original sales advantage of being, well, small. The Suprima HE was consequently not a successful boiler for Potterton and I see very few.

If you have a Suprima that needs fixing and you are within driving distance of me near Hungerford, call or text me on 07866 766364.

Potterton Suprima gas boiler

Potterton Suprima still sporting the labels when new from the box.

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